How can I do this

I hope I can explain myself properly

For example
The song by Bob Marley - No Women No Cry I give a rating of 4 out of 5

I would like to run some program that can go through all my songs and if it finds this song it updates the rating as a 4

I would like to keep a list somewhere e.g. in a spreadsheet or database of some sort
that has artist,song title,rating

I would like to run some type of program and it check my list and uses the rating if it finds it to update the rating tag of the mp3.

I spend so much time updating ratings of the same songs again and again

is this possible

I would say that this "program" sits in front of the PC.
Depending on the size of your collection, it is easiest, to compare files by sorting and filtering.

If you want to do it automatically, it is always tricky to find, which record is master.
It could well be that a track sinks in your esteem and you would have to reduce the number of stars.
This could only be achieved, if you also stored the date of the modification of that particular field as well.
Also, it could be you have similar songs that should get the same ranking but they are not spelled in the same way, e.g. as it is an extended version or something.

MP3tag has a good export language that lets you create lists so tha you can do that comparison in a database, if you like.

Thankyou for your reply

Im going to try the export and see if that helps me