How can I "erase" the blank space at the end of title?


I want to erase the blank space that sometimes I have at the end of title or artist. I want to "search" all my entire CD list and do it, ¿it's possible?.

I have no find any "string" to do it.

Greetings. Pachu.

three steps as the following example refers to mp3tag 2.49:
Update your version to 2.49
e.g. if you want to look for superfluous spaces in the field ARTIST
set a filter
"$if($eql(%artist%,$trim%(artist%)),1,0)" IS 0

the create an action that formats the field:
Format string: $trim(%artist%)

If you want to perform that action on other fields, set that variable instead of %artist%.

this strips any leading or trailing blanks from the named field.

Edit: the filter expression showed a $artist% in the first version - I corrected that.

Many, many thanks, it works fine.

Greetings. Pachu.