How Can I Export "BPM" and "Comments" tag info, please?

When I export, I get the "Title Artist Album Track Year Genre Filename" info.
I would also like to get "BPM" and "Comments".
Please can you tell me how to do this, and please keep it simple, walk me through step by step, as I am off work after an accident and my brain is not working very well!
Thank you.

You do not show us, which export script you use.
So you have to do some steps yourself.
Open File>Export and select the script you want to use.
Click the "Edit" button.
This will open the file in the Editor.
Check the line that starts with
and may look like

To get bpm and comment, simply expand the line to

If you need column headers, you may want to edit the first line, which is plain text, as well:
(This line has nothing to do with the number of fields that get output, it just makes the output nicer).
Use File>Save to save and then close the editor.
Now execute the export script.

Thank you very much!
It works now for both csv and html_mp3tag