How can I export only one tag "Artist" in a txt file?

hello friends, have a nice day
I need to export a tag, just the "artist" tag (and nothing else), into a text file (.txt). What I do is go to menu "file", then "export", "txt_taglist" option, but that option gives me a lot of information (filename, artist, title), and I just need to export "artist" tag for a list of files mp3.

It is a problem this time having a lot of information (filename, track, title) in the resulting txt file because then I have to erase line by line the information that does not need for now, and that takes a long time.
So I just need to export the tag "artist" only in a text file and nothing else.

Any help is greatly appreciated

Create a new export and enter the following:

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When I try to do what you tell me I don't know where I should write that code. The following appears to me (see image). Should I have a separate program to do that?

sorry, now I understand: p
I used the same program "bloc de notas" (app for windows txt file)
I replaced the content with the code you told me
and it worked
Thanks a lot! @ohrenkino !!

After you pressed Alt-E to open the export selection dialogue, click on the "new" button in that dialogue.
You will be asked to enter a decent name like e.g. "Artist export"
Now, the windows Editor will open with an example export.
Overwrite all the example with the suggested code.
Save the changes.
Close the Editor
return to the export selection dialogue, enter a filename and execute the export.

If the Windows Editor does not open to edit the export file, set Editor as standard program for that file type.

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yeahhhh thank you sir, it worked :grinning: :ok_hand: :clap: :clap: :clap:

I have a problem.
It was exported but did not respect the order according to the numbering of the "filename". Instead it was exported alphabetically, which does not serve me this time for my purposes.
What can I do so that the same data is exported but respecting the order in which they are instead of the alphabetical order?

Loop the filename instead


Or if you want to keep the displayed order use

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