How can I install 2 iTunes on my computer

I was forced to install a recent version of iTunes for syncing the iPhone, but I hate it (too many bugs and the VB scripts now have been failing constantly. For example, I have a VB script that should change the name of a song, I eyeballed it many times to doublecheck, but it's not doing it, it's not working as supposed). It had always worked before, but with Apple, each newer version is worse than the previous, I don't trust them.

Besides, if you want to search art, it searches the whole freaking library all over again (and I have 56k files -- their developers must be on crack!!).

A previous version (from say ~ 5 years ago) I had used to work very well, but I was forced to install one later version. I would like to have both versions in parallel on the same computer, but their installer is preventing me.

How can I manage to have two different versions of iTunes on the same computer?

I don't want to use a VM, but that could be an option, only I don't know how to set it up, and maybe it wouldn't be the best/easiest option either. However, if it's the only option, I'd definitely like to try it.

Does anybody know how to do it? Thanks so much :slight_smile:

Assuming, that you are working on Windows:
You could create an additional local account. Then login with this new account and install your different version of iTunes. Choose a different install path than with the previous iTunes version.

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That's a good idea too, thank you. I will try it, better than installing a new OS from scratch on Virtual Box, though i found it's not difficult (I did once for a much harder OS - Ubuntu).