how can i let mp3tag to see more fied tag for example foobar rating?


i really love mp3tag , with the time i started to learn all its power

i have searched in the forum ,but i did no find a good answer

well , for example foobar write in the file this rate value
this is a screenshot

i tried to add this in mp3tag

i know i have to create an action to convert the field for example to RATING WMP

but is there a way to push mp3tag to read more tag fields?


Please give us a screenshot from the Mp3tag "Extended Tags..." dialog window ...
in order to see which tag types are involved and which tag type is in use ...
and which metadata tagfield names are in use.


yes , you can see the tag added by musicbee RATING WMP ,but there is not the foobar2000 tag

Unfortunately, the screendump does not show the window title but I bet that is says "APE" somewhere - the replaygain fields suggest that you have used replaygain which customarily writes this information to APE fields.
As by MP3tag design APE tags overwrite the contents of all other fields, it is fairly likely that you do not see the contents of the ID3V2 and V1 fields, probably they are out of sync because some software on the way did not write the same information to all tag versions.

You would now have to decide which information you want to keep and which tag versions you want to continue. Once you have decided, you have to export the future obsolete tag version data to a text file and then re-import the data to the master tag versions.

sorry about the screenshot , i post it again
i have used foobar2000 last version to calculate songs and album gain with the built in replaygain
i did not know about the replaygain field are stored in the APE fields , i will try a song without replaygain

i guess i will stick with ID3V2 , i could not use replaygain because it will again write on ape field and i will have the same issue

thanks for the answer , i have appreciate it a lot

Hold it!
Now I see that my assumption was wrong: you already use ID3V2 tags and you do not have any APE tags.
BUT: in the last screenshot I do not see the rating field that you were looking for in the first post. What happened?
Because: if you only read and write ID3V2 (and V1) tags and also do this in foobar, then you should see all the tag fields in the extended tags dialogue.

i guess i have some issue between the software i use
these are my foobar settings

and here the foobar settings

Where is the picture to see?
The ... screenshot from the Mp3tag "Extended Tags..." dialog window, please.


It is better to apply the wording "it overrules (german: es überstimmt)" than "it overwrites (german: es überschreibt)", ...
because the meta data is not changed, but only other existing meta data is displayed prioritized.


i removed just because i wanted to perform a clean portable mp3tag installation , and i have re-ripped the song , and rating with foobar2000
here the screenshot of mp3tag

by the way there are several audio player that can rate a song , like windows media player ,musicbee , mediamonkey ,aimp ,foobar2000 and other , does mp3tag read all of them? or should i add in the preferences new fields to read?

Please show us the screenshot of the complete Mp3tag dialog window "Extended tags [Alt+T]", including it's window title line.