How can I rate my songs

Hello there

How can i do this

I want to rate a song once and if i have that same song anywhere else in my collection i want to update that song with the same rating.

e.g. "Bob Marley - Is this Love" is a rating 3 for me

I have that song on various albums and compilation albums, I want the rating to be 3 on that song everywhere.

I find that im updating the rate on the same songs over and over again.


I found this which helps me a little, but is there an easier way to do it

MP3tag does not compare tracks.
But YOU can filter files. So if you have a certain title then filter for it and then apply the same rating manually (in the extended tas dialogue) to all of them. This sets the same rating to all files in one go.

MP3tag cannot tell which of a set of files is to be treated as "master", so it is left to you to do so.