How can I remove existing tags from the existing list?

I the past I have made a number of typos when adding tags and these come back to haunt me every time I use MP3Tag, and I would be very happy to be able to remove these from the drop-down format string list that presents itself for me when I Right-Click, [C], [F]

I'm sure that tnere must be a way, but I have tried removing the unwanted tags from the list by pressing [delete] and [shift]+[delete] but neither of those works.

I'm hoping that somewhere in the program's folder is a simple text files that I can edit, but inspecting the content doesn't show a text file.

Any help available welcome please.

cheers BJ

The dropdown list also has a right-arrow button which has the function "Reset list."
Try that to remove all user-defined fields.

Thank you for the reply

Unfortunately [Reset list] does not appear for me.

BUT. Next to the drop-down list arrow is a boxed right-arrow, and when clicking that I found right at the very bottom "Manage History" - which does exactly what I was enquiring about.

Many thanx for the assist to finding the solution to my problem.

kind regards, BJ

"Manage history" is still present at the Converter Tag->Tag if you click on the "right-arrow".

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