How can I save JPGs as album art in tags ?

Hello all

I have tried the Amazon and MusicBrainz scripts
and these are fine for all the better known albums.

However, I have renamed a number of classical albums
for my own convenience and these are of course not listed.
I also have a large collection of old blues tracks from the 1920s and 1930s
and for these I haven't even bothered with an album entry in the tag;
they didn't have albums then.

Often I find JPGs on the wikipedia discography pages (interesting and usually reliable)
that I would like to add to my files.

Is it possible to save the JPGs I find there to my tags
in the same way as I do using your MP3tag scripts ?
How can I do this ?

Best regards from Ray

The easy way: Right-click a cover image in your browser, select »Copy« (not the link but the image) from the context menu, select songs that this cover should be added to in MP3Tag, right-click on the image box in the tag panel, and use »paste cover«.

Now if you want more (same sizes, image editing and stuff), you’ll have to save the web image first and edit it, then »add cover«. Don’t forget to click the little diskette icon afterwards to actually save the image in the tag(s)!

At least with my current setup here (MP3Tag 2.41, Firefox 3.0.3), »dragging and dropping« does not function. (Which would of course be even easier.)

It's fixed in 2.41c

Dragging from webpage to local application is a security risk, and it should be forbidden by default.
You might be able to turn on the function again, but I do not know what switch it is.
In FireFox do navigate to "about:config", and play with option "nglayout.enable_drag_images" or so.
For MSIE I have simply forgotten what option it is, maybe something like "... über Domänengrenzen hiweg ...".