How can I see all ID3v2 fields in a mp3

Hi everyone. First I must say that Mp3tag is THE ONE. I really enjoy using it.

Now my story:

I use a tool named Lyric Maker that comes bundle with jetAudio to add synced lyrics to my mp3 files.
But I don't know what field it uses to add synced lyrics. I have checked LYRICS, SYLY, SYNCEDLYRICS, SYNCHRONIZED and some other I can't remember.

Now I want to know if there is a way to find this or any particular field with Mp3tag.

I know it would be more logical if I asked this question in jetAudio forums, but they have disabled registration of new members (!) and I didn't have any other place to seek for help to.

Open the extended tags (Alt-T).
This shows all the tags and their names in the selected track(s).

Thanks for the quick answer, but I have done this and there weren't any filed with synced lyrics. That's why I think jetAudio uses an special ID3v2 field to store its synced lyrics that is not listed in Mp3tag's extended tags. Something like (for example) %JETSYNCEDLYRICS%

There is an ID3v2 frame SYLT that can store synced lyrics but it is not supported by Mp3tag.

Thank you very much, dano. I hope it will be added soon. :w00t:

Well, time to listen to some songs. :music: