How can I split separated with semicolons data from csv flie using regexp?

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From an other program I use I managed to export, for example, these data: Z:\MUSIC\MP3\Rest of the World\9 PM (Till I Come) (Radio Edit) - ATB.mp3;320;20045;0,37;0;0; to a .csv file. Then I stored them into comment tag as they look, using the Text file - Tag command from mp3tag.

Now, what I want to do, is to split this thing to parts and send every value to corresponding tag. I know I have to make an action with a regexp in format string field, but I don't know how to use regexp!!!

Anyone can help me on this?

Let's say I want to take the part with the number 320 and put it on REAL BITRATE tag.


Thank you for your time!!! :slight_smile:

You could have used the CSV file straightaway to assign the data to the respective fields with a mask like
%dummy%;%real bitrate%;%dummy%;%dummy%,%dummy%;%dummy%;%dummy%;
Does it have to be a regular expression?
Because I would use an action of the type "Guess value"
Source: %comment%
Target string: %dummy%;%real bitrate%;%dummy%;%dummy%,%dummy%;%dummy%;%dummy%;
(you have to check whether I got the right piece of information. You have to delete or add another %dummy%:wink:

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Oh my god!!! You know what? I was initially trying to do this using the CSV file straightaway, exactly as you said, but for some reason I was typing commas between dummies and tags instead of semicolons!!! :laughing:

Your "Guess value" example is very useful too!!!

Thank you very much and sorry I spent your time on something like this!!! :slight_smile:

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