How can I tell which version (32/64 bit) I have installed?

Is there an info somewhere that shows which version is currently running?
At least Help>About does not tell anything about the bits.

And if the answer to this question is "no", then I would like to see that info somewhere which would render this support request into a feature request.

It's currently not visible within Mp3tag (e.g., Help → About) so I take it as a feature request.

For the time being, you can inspect the platform of running applications via the Details tab of Windows Task Manager, where you can enable the platform column to show 32-bit vs. 64-bit.


I've added a note that shows if running the 32-bit or 64-bit version to the about dialog with Mp3tag v3.14h.

For most any app that's running, you can always bring up Task Manager. Right click the running process, and go to "Open File Location". In the Explorer window that opens up, look at the address bar.. it will say either Program Files, or Program Files (x86). x86 is 32bit.

This doesn't apply to any app that installs itself to the AppData folders.

As Florian already wrote:
In Task Manager, switch to the tab "Details" and enable the column "Platform".
(Right click on one of the existing column header and "Select Column", then activate "Platform")
That shows the information for every running software on your Windows:


I still find the solution with the Help>About dialogue from within MP3tag the most elegant one.
Thank you for that.
It follows the nice approach of making MP3tag internals better detactable, just like File>Open configuration folder.

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