How can I write comments and rating tags to Mixmeister

Hi guys, a few questions about how to get specific MP3Tag tags to show in Mixmeister (I'm using the latest version This will only apply to a (very) small number of people, if any. However, I thought it is worth asking here because of the active community.

Rating tag issue
Does anyone know which ID3 tag on MP3Tag I must write to for Mixmeister to see the rating? I have tried the 3 rating tag options in MP3Tag: Rating MM, Winamp, and WMP but they don't write the rating back to Mixmeister. A rating of "0" is written back to Mixmeister irrespective of the value (number) I tag in MP3Tag.

Comments tag issue
Comments added in MP3Tag are not showing in the Mixmeister comments tag (and vice-versa, adding comments to Mixmeister does not write back to the comments tag in MP3Tag (although I stopped tagging in Mixmeister as it can't tage year as YYYY-MM-DD like I do with MP3Tag).

I know the these are not MP3Tag issues but I'm wondering if anyone might know (a) if it's possible to write back to the Mixmeister rating and comment fields; and if so (b) which tag option in MP3Tag must I use?

The basic question is: does the player write/read the information really based on tags or does it use its own database?
I know that e.g. iTunes does not read the ratings field and also does not write this information to tags (unless forced, I think).
That the player always deisplays a "0" may indicate that the value has not been set inside Mixmeister.
In respect to COMMENT: it may be that Mixmeister expects the comments to have the OS language id (iTunes always expects English) which you can set in Tools>options>Tags>Enhanced. Perhaps this helps to get Mixmeister to show the comments.
In respec to why it does not write them back ... see above about player databases.
(Just a side note: the YEAR field is supposed to be numeric and a 4-digit-number, so literally, the format with more information is non-standard. If you need more, consider to use RELEASETIME.)

Thanks for the info about the "year" tag. Mixmeister has limited tag support. I'm not able to show the "grouping" tag in Mixmeister, which is why I've had to tweak the year format (with much thanks to stevehero's in his excellent Beatport script thread).

The basic question is: does the player write/read the information really based on tags or does it use its own database?

Yes thanks, this is the real question. I suspect Mixmeister may be using it's own database, especially because comment tags don't show up, but it does have two user-defined fields (called User 1 and User 2).

I'll ask on the Mixmeister forums and update here when I have an answer (to close the loop in case anyone else has a similar question in future).