How do I add a Compilation tag?


Sorry, first post here, so if this has been asked before I can't find it! Have only just downloaded Mp3Tag :slight_smile:

I have just bought a SqueezeBox 3 and have been transferring music but it didn't show Various Artists albums very well. It was suggested that I remove the TPE2 tag and SqueezeCentre would then treat this as a compilation album. This worked fine on the SqueezeBox but screwed up how the album was then listed in Windows Media Player 11, it now list each track under each track artist.

It was then suggested that I could put the TPE2 tag back as it was and add a COMPILATION=1 tag. This is where I'm having a problem. I can find the iTunes compilation tag, so I changed this, but it did not help. Is there another way to add a COMPILATION tag that is not iTunes based and would work with Windows Media Player and SqueezeCentre 7.x

Thanks in advance


I think using the BAND field (which contains the album artist) via the extended tag dialog [Alt+T] could fix the problem.


Thanks Florian,

The BAND Tag was already there! With help from a couple of guys from the SlimDevices Forum I think I've now sorted this.

What seemed to work for me was: rip the cd in the usual way in Windows Media Player, correct all the info I wanted and then Apply the Media Changes. Then using MP3TAG, I removed the BAND Tag and added a COMPILATION=1 Tag. This then put the album under Various Artists in SqueezeCentre, even when browsing Genres and didn't screw up the listing under Media Player so all the songs on an album where listed together under Various Artists.

Hope this helps anyone else who is having this problem. MP3TAG is a great tool! :slight_smile: