How do I add a "word" after the name of artists?

Hello !
how do I add a "word" at the end of all the artists in my database ?

Example :
I would like to add " mp3" or " flac" or " ape" after the different artist names. In one time.
I tried "(keep) mp3", it didn't keep any of the different Artist names, it just wrote (keep mp3) everywhere lol :wink: !!!

Best regards.
Alain from France (Bordeaux)

Use Convert Tag -> Tag and the
and the format string
%ARTIST% YourWord

You don't add it to your database. You add the word to the tag ARTIST.
This tag is part of the metadata inside your files.

This is also covered in the FAQ:

Rhoooo :star_struck:

Very quickly ! Thank you so much :handshake:

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