How do I add show notes for podcast?

I am trying to figure out how to add my show notes (I see people use the option for lyrics to do this, I think?) to my podcasts. So far haven't figured this out. Is there a tutorial somewhere that can take me step-by-step through the process? Newbie to MP3Tag, so I need very basic here, click here, etc.

Get yourself a podcast that has all the information that you think necessary.
Open it in MP3tag.
Select it in the files list.
Press Alt-T - this opens the so-called "Extended Tags" dialogue.
This dialogue shows all the field names and their contents that are in the file.

Try to remember all the field names that are typical for a podcast.
Now select your podcast file.
Press Alt-T again.
You will probably find a much shorter list of fields in this file.
Next to the field list there is a "New" button.
Click on the "New" button to create a new field.
To create a new field you have to enter the field name e.g. PODCAST.
You also have to enter a "value". For PODCAST this is probably "1".
If you need a SUBTITLE, a COMMENT oder UNSYNCEDLYRICS, add them in a similar way.
Also enter the appropriate values e.g. for COMMENT your signature.
To save these modifications, press OK until the Extended Tags dialogue is closed.

After you have become familiar with MP3tag you may want to add fields in the tag panel or columns in the files list to ease the input.

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SUBTITLE is the field your looking for. It shows as notes in podcast files.

Thank you. This put me on the right track! :slight_smile:

Do you know if there is a way to share a tag panel setup so that others can just load it?

I am going to edit the fields so that it is specialized for podcasts. Also, I will rename the field labels so they reflect the functions for podcasts.

Go to Tools>Options>Tag-Panel
Click the Utils button and save the tag panel configuration, e.g. with the name "Podcasts".

To share this file, open the MP3tag data folder,
there open the folder "Panels" where you should find the configuration file "Podcasts.ini".

Copy that file ("Podcasts.ini") to the data folder of the target installation.
In the target installation, open Tools>Options>Tag-Panel
click the Utils button and select "Load configuration". The MP3tag data folder should be opened in the right place for panels and you should see "Podcasts.ini".
Select it to load it.

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As I am starting up my own podcast, I wanted to streamline the process as much as possible - and possible help others in the process. I really did not expect it to be this easy to customize things :slight_smile:

Thank you for your help!!