how do i add "total tracks" and "total discs" on FLAC files??

when i am tagging an MP3 i have no problem adding total tracks or total discs to the songs, i just simply write in track number something like 1/13, 4/13, 5/13 etc... same with total discs i write something like "1/3", "2/3" etc... and when i open up the song in lets say foobar2000 it shows up the number 1, 4, 5 etc as track number and the "13" as total tracks, same with total discs, but when i do so with FLAC files and open them up in foobar it seems like in track number it shows up as 1/13, 4/13, 5/13 etc instead of having a separate text saying total tracks... any solutions?

BTW i found that someone asked something like this but even though i tried to follow the instructions of the post in the link below this text i couldnt manage to do it right starting because i dont have the option "Field ______: TOTALTRACKS".


my library is pretty big and increasing very fast so if there is a really fast way it would be really convenient i dont have that much time thanks. :frowning:

Win Mp3tag > MAC XLD
So have a look at Tools>Options>Mpeg and set "write" to V2.3 UTF-16.
Track You can writes X/Y style
but disc number X/Y ->

Tools>Options>Mpeg has nothing to do with flac, no need to change something there!

The total tracks/discs format in Mp3tag with flac files is not the same as in foobar.
If you need these tags compatible with foobar then you have to change them. But this also makes them different in Mp3tag.

You can change them with these actions (only for flac files):

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %track%
Guessing pattern: %track%/%TRACKTOTAL%

Action type: Guess values
Source format: %discnumber%
Guessing pattern: %discnumber%/%DISCTOTAL%