How do I bulk number all tracks of thousands of albums

My mp3s are not in separate folders (but tagged by artist, song name, album year, album name and type of music). If I open my complete collection in mp3tag, please provide clear instructions for a dummy on how to number each track in order one album at a time without retagging them album by album. Thus, if I have 22,000 mp3s which represent 4000 albums, I don't want all tracks numbered 1 - 22,000, but rather Album A songs tagged 1-10 (Track window), then songs of Album B tagged 1-12, etc (each song is already tagged correctly by album)? I tagged all 4,000 albums without Track # but now I decided I would like them after all. Can this be done as a giant bulk command? Please explain in baby steps. Thanks!

You have to make sure that you can load the files into mp3tag and then have them sorted in such a fashion that the sequence of the tracks is correct and that the files of one album reside in one folder.

Then have a look at the features of the track numbering wizard. If you meet the preconditions, you should be able to achieve your goal.

Thanks so much. So it seems the tracks must be in separate folders for this to work. Is there a quick way to create folders for each separate album if that is my first step?

You should think about doing this album by album or at least with only a selection of a few albums anyway.
As you do not have any information about the track numbers you have to look for these informations on your ripped CDs or in the internet to get the right sorting.
Do you really think it is realistic to load 22.000 MP3s and sort them manually (with ALT-Arrow-Keys) all by tracknumbers in MP3Tag before starting the Renumbering wizard. I think this sorting-business will take you somes days and during this this time you run the risk of losing your work by computer breakdown, pressing the wrong keys and so on.

Therefore I suggest you do the work album after album or at least only up to 5 albums.
Do you want to have the tracks sorted by albums-folders anyway in the future?
Then you should sort them this way.
If you don't want to have them sorted that way you should simply load them all, filter them by album by album or sort them by album, move the album-files by ALT-Arrow-keys in the right way, mark the files and apply the autorenumbering wizard.

If you want to sort them in album folders first:
Take the Converter Tag - Filename and the format string: \%artist%\%album%\%_filename%
You can also define an absolute path als format string, e.g.:

You should take in concern that the tracks of an album may have different artists. So it is possible that with this format string you tear an album apart.
But only sorting in album folders without artist parent folders possible has the result of hundreds of files in an album called "Greatest Hits".

Hello mate

Not sure if I am too late on this one but I found a brilliant piece of software called MusicZen that carried out this exact function in seconds :slight_smile:

Hope I am not going against forum rules by providing a link?

There is free & paid versions but the free version provides exactly what you need with no annoying ads or pestering to upgrade so :slight_smile:

Hope this helps

I have just had a minor nightmare.

After sorting and organising ALL of my music (49.1 GB) I was whizzing through the extended tags function on mp3tag and hit the cross on "track".

Unfortunately I was so tired from clicking away (it's taken a fair few days/hours!) I absent mindedly hit okay and exited the app! No undo's for me.

Luckily with most of them I had converted tag-filename so a lot of the tracks are numbered ready for the auto number wizard. But still... going to need to give it a week before I calm down lol

I doubt that you will find a piece of software that puts the correct track number in any odd track unless you have either sorted the files in the correct order or at least grouped them.
If you have the track number in the filename anyway, you could easily extract it with the Convert>Filename-Tag function.
If you have no clue in which order the files should appear on an album or you do not have a respective sorting criterion then I do not see much chance to get the correct track number

See the track numbering wizard for MP3tag functions.

No sorry, you have misunderstood - my mistake I quoted the wrong bit of text when responding!

MP3tag is the best software for numbering tracks - MusicZen is the best I have found for automatically sorting correctly tagged files into respective folders by Artist/Album.

It saves an awful lot of time compared with manually creating folders for each Artist/Album - it's best used as a supplement to mp3tag.


The you should have a look at the options in Convert>Tag-Filename.
If you enter a mask that complies with a "fully or partially qualified filename" (using a backslash to describe folders) you can move files to new folders without leaving MP3tag.
You can also rename existing folders if you assign a new name to the folder (not the files).