How Do I Change Embedded Cover Art?

Hey Guys,

I have added cover art to some of my files using and now I would like to change it.

I open MP3Tag v.255 and I right clicked on the original image and selected remove and it disappeared as expected.

I then right clicked to add new cover art from my computer and it appeared in the bottom left corner as expected.

However, when I play the songs using WMP, the original Amazon cover art is still visible. When I click the song in my music folder, it again shows the correct image in the bottom left corner.

Why I am seeing the correct image in both MP3Tag and My Music folder, but shen the song plays in WMP, the wrong image appears?

Several things:
First delete the folder.jpg and albumartsmall.jpg files in the folder of your music.
If this does not help you have to delete the WMP cache.
Search for a folder named localmls and delete it.
Then check WMP again.
It could be that WMP no does not show any cover at all but only the default picture.
You may now use MP3tag to export the cover art (there is an action for that) to folder. jpg.
WMP in Xp still needs this file.
WMP in Win7 does not need folder.jpg files.

Thanks for all the help! :slight_smile:

I actually found the album by opening WMP to full screen and "updating" the image.