How do I delete the last characters in a field?

I am sure this must have been covered already somewhere because it is such a simple question. But I have looked for hours (literally) on the forum and via google and not found an answer. Possibly because I am stupid, of course..

But I want to know how to remove the last few characters in tags.

For example. on the album I am trying to edit, every TITLE has the year at the end that I want to remove, eg " Amoureux Solitaires (81)". How do I get Mp3TAG to remove the (81) - or (91) or (78) etc - from each track?

You could try an action of the type "Replace with regular expression".
Enter as search string:
(.*) (\d+)$
replace with:
this should delete any numbers in brackets at the end of a string.

Thanks. Big thanks.

That worked perfectly. I am sure I was being dumb and that is somewhere in the FAQs already , but I could not find it. I will bookmark this for the future.

But, and again I could just be being dumb, how would one work all that out?