How do i edit the "writer"?

I can edit the composer. Until yesterday I could edit the writer of the song and now I can't. Any solution?

What do you mean by "edit"?
Is there a filled tag LYRICIST and you can't change it?
Or is there no tag LYRICIST and you can't create one?

I would have asked the same questions as @poster.
But as there seems to be a little uncertainty about how to name a field, here is a page of the help that lists all fields that are supported by MP3tag:

Perhaps you find your field in that list.

Windows Media Player has a field "Writer". When I view a library in the computer in details there's a "writer" column.
Until yesterday I could edit it with my MP3Tag. I updated my MP3tag version and now I don't have "Writer" or "Lyricist" in it.
I think in the previous MP3tag versions I defined the column "Writer" and the data i put in it was updated in the mp3 file. I also tried to do it with the current version I cant change the or even read the "Writer" data from my MP3Tag
[I can't even do it through the properties/details of the mp3 file cause these fields "Writer" or "Lyricist" do not appear there]

Load one of these files where you see the writer in WMP into MP3tag.
Select it
Open the dialogue "Extended tags" (Alt-T) and see which field may contain the data that you are looking for.
What kind of file type are we talking about? MP3? MP4? Flac?


I defined %Lyricist% in the value and field of writer and it solved the prblem

OCD me :slight_smile: