How do I edit Title tag to be actual filename?


50 Cent- Straight to the Bank

^That is the actual filename^

How can I edit songs' Title tags to be the actual filename? All at once..... or without renaming them one by one.


Putting the filename in the title tag can be done with "Convert > filename - tag" with the format string %title%


I tried your method and nothing happened :frowning:. Sorry if I wasn't clear enough and if you know how to do this, can you tell me the exact stuff type in and where? I'll show you an example:

I have many more songs but ill show this one as an example


This is not a useful error description. You must describe exactly what you did and what did not work.
You must also select the files so that the menu is activated.


Hi Los255,

you can solve your problem very simply: Just choose ...

Filename - Tag
and put the following phrase into the formatstring editor
%artist% - %title%

Afterwards you'll get exactly what you want and you can change thousands of mp3-Tags in a very short time.

Hope I could help you.

Bye from Germany,