How do I get right click menu link back?

I run Windows 8 64-bit. I used to have mp3tag as a choice in my Windows Explorer right-click context menus. This was very convenient when editing tag information for a song or an album. However, after a Windows update, mp3tag disappeared from the menu options.

As I saw recommended elsewhere, I re-downloaded mp3tag and checked the option to have it show up in the right-click menus. In fact, I did it twice. But I still can't seem to get the option back. Anyone have any suggestions has to how I can restore an mp3tag option to these menus?

did you execute the setup as administrator?

Yes. It seems that Windows 8 won't let you do it any other way.

You could have a look at this thread
Re-Adding Mp3tag To Context Menu
as there is a registry key - which you might check if it works

In general, there is no intention that the context menu does not work. It works in my W8 ...

OK, so the registry key and batch file didn't fix it.

What did work was downloading ShellExView and disabling then un-disabling mp3tag. But then I had to completely delete and reload mp3tag. Then mp3tag finally showed back up in the Explorer right-click context menu.