How do i get them to order

Hi guys please see attached image i am trying to get my mp3 to load into my iPhone in order. As you can see they do not follow order in the titles. IN iTunes they look ok but i am thinking as a newbie it is to do with numbers in the Filename (not sure)

Anybody help me in how i can get them to order correctly ? Please remeber i am a newbie with this product
Cheers :unsure:

  1. I think all you need to do is select all files from this position and go to menu: file>save tag.
  2. Then open itunes and play each and every song, this will update the file name to the correct filename. **TIP play 1st song, then hold onto the right arrow key to skip onto the next songs quickly

if this doesnt work. (BUT it should)

see atached image.
What you need to do is go to the menu: convert>Tag - Filename. The use the string %title% in the format string box.
Your problem arises from the fact you have 01 and 02 at the start of the filename with the other number not working out properly e.g.

01 Spanish I - Unit
02 Spanish I - Unit
01 Spanish I - Unit

Another good tip would be to fill in the album artist field with Pimsleur also as this helps.

Cheers thank you for your quick response