How do I import data to an Unknown song/album?


I recently began ripping my CD collection (>2,500) into a Bluesound Vault 2i. The Bluesound Vault 2i will take an entire CD and begin ripping it and it looks up the information and labels the songs for you - usually perfectly.

But occasionally it does not recognize the CD/Album and saves the CD as "Unknown CD" with "Unknown Track 1" and "Unknown Track 2" and so on...

Once I am able to determine the correct album/artist name, I use MP3TAG to update this information, but I cannot help but think how much easier it would be if I could tell MP3TAG which album it actually is, and choose the metadata for the correct album and paste it in all at once.

Is this possible? I noticed with my Billy Joel 52nd Street 24k gold remaster CD that there were a variety of album covers and information to choose from and it seemed as though this was possible.

I am new to tagging and any help you could provide would be greatly appreciated! Thank you!

Tom Steele
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Hello Tom, welcome :wave:

The usual way to approach this in Mp3tag is by using one of the Tag Sources, e.g., Discogs of MusicBrainz to lookup the album and import the data.

You'd need a free account on to use the Discogs tag source. And if you're looking for a very specific release, like in this case, you can also search via the Discogs website and use the Discogs Release ID (e.g., [r3265307]) along with the "Discogs Release ID" tag source to import the data directly.

Ok, so I have lots of questions...

I went to discogs and searched for the album but I get 100 results, and none of them appear to be that one. I don't see a 2010 release, with media any of that info...

In addition to that, once I do find a file I want to import, I did not see how to get the IMPORT or ADJUST TAG INFORMATION screen.

I apologize for being slow, but this is my first time at this particular rodeo. I am fairly computer savvy, but I am using a BlueSound Vault 2i to import these and I wish that I hadn't chosen wav files, as I believe FLAC is easier to manipulate the tags, but I have no idea where these tags are being stored (individual files?).

Also, the Vault stores a small .jpg in each folder that is clearly the album cover. I don't know how that fits in the scheme of things here.

I realize that some of what I am asking may be related to the Vault and not your program, so I understand if you can't help there, but any help would be greatly appreciated. I really thought that I would be able to figure out more than I have so far, but I think that I haven't gotten a handle on the basics yet - like where this data is stored and how.

Thank you so much!

-Tom Steele

All right, I just made some big steps.

My first problem, I was searching from within the MP3TAG program for the album, which was not returning the correct album. I finally realized that I needed to go to the DISCOGS.COM website to search where it showed the correct version.

Once I did that, I was able to see my options to apply those tags to the album.

I THINK that I was able to update that information properly.

NOW I have to find a way to determine what a bunch of the UNKNOWN albums that I have ripped actually are...

This is going to take some time I think. LOL Thank you for your help!

-Tom Steele