How do i include the track# in the title tag?


I want the title field to include the track number and the title, and i want the track number to have a "0" in front if it is a 1 digit number. So if the original file looked like this:

Title: Airbag

It would look like this:

Track: 01
Title: 01 Airbag


Use a Format values type of action with TITLE as field and [$num(%track%,2) ]%title% as formatstring.


I am having a similar problem.

My filenames are formatted: 01 - Song Title.mp3
My titles are: Song Title

I want to add the track # to the title (ie.) 01 - Song Title

I used the "Filename - Tag" filter and put in %title% as the string.

Above the string box it shows: Format string: 01 - Song Title.mp3

Below the string box it shows: title 01 - Song Title

I press OK and nothing changes! :unsure:



Any chance that you write tags that you don't read? For example you have Mp3tag set to write APEv2 tags but only have it set to read ID3v1 and ID3v2.


Thanks for the quick reply.

I originally loaded version 2.34 and had the "Filename - Tag" filter problem. I then installed 2.37a over the previous version and I still had the "Filename - Tag" filter problem. I believe loading 2.37 without uninstalling 2.34 was the problem and my big mistake!! Version 2.37a then crashed after I posted my problem. It crashed when I chose "Custom columns..." All the columns were empty. I couldn't figure out how to get the columns back so I just uninstalled MP3TAG and loaded 2.37a and all works great, even the "Filename - Tag" filter problem.

I figured I would post this as it might help others.

Again, thanks.