how do i increase search from musicbrainz 40 to more

as the title says how do I increase search from musicbrainz 40 to more as its not finding the album

Have you tried a manual search to confirm that the album is there at all?
Have you ruled out spelling mistakes or other deviations from the source data?
I doubt that you get better results with a longer list.

Yer I have done manual search and its on musicbrainz but mp3tag not even showing up to Artist I need

If you use the same search term in mp3tag that you used for the manual search, does the data appear?
Or: on which position does the artist appear in the manual search?

this is what I get for searching Lee Ann Womack Greatest Hits album

This does not really answer the question where the album would appear in the manual search.
If you use the Musicbrainz manual search with Freedb, it is the second entry ...

So it could be, if you use a different tag source, you might get better results.

In the musicbrainz.src file you might want to change the line