How do I make a template for my audios? So I only have to enter the audio names of each audio?

How do I make a template for my audios? So I only have to enter the audio names of each audio?
So I can load my audio file folder, and fill in all of the fields and not overwrite the audio name?
Thank you in advance!


Is this a similar question to this one?

I have difficulties to understand what you mean by

A look at the documentation may also help:

I don't know? I have looked at the documentation that's why I posted this question. Thank you for your prompt reply [ohrenkino] !

None of the help steps you through using the gui.

If you don't know - who should know what your problem could be?
Could you give a concrete example with what the files look like before and what they should look like after the treatment?

I don't see very much detail in your screenshot that will help populate the rest of the tags. These all look like very long titles of the same song. I don't recognize anything that would help fill Album, Artist, etc.

Do you have that info, and just want to add it for all of these files? If you select all (or Ctrl-A) you can then enter the common data into the tag panel on the left, and then hit save. For any fields that you don't want to overwrite, don't make any changes.

Oh, I see.

  1. For my Template I fill in all of the fields that will be the same for each of my audios.
  2. How do I save this as a template using the Menu?
    3Load a file folder with my audios and for each audio update with the template, leaving the Title alone?

There is no such thing as a "template" as you would like to see it.

The "fields" on the left side are so called tags. The content of this tags will be embedded in your songs as metadata. If your songs already have such metadata, you can see them in the same fields.

If your songs don't have any metadata, you can load your songs, select them and then everything you fill in these tags will be written into your selected files.

Oh, I though possibly it was a configuration?

Thank you for your help everyone, it has saved me a lot of typing and time!.
Have a great day!

You can choose to add or remove the fields in the tag panel on the left. Right click any blank space in the panel to open the window where you can select and deselect fields.