How do I make MP3Tag remember selections between p


I use MP3Tag to filter, randomize, and load songs into my Treo 650 handheld. I do this by drag-n-drop of the files to the SD-card's \Audio directory.

After a few days, I'd like to load a different set of songs to my handheld. The problem is that when I run MP3tag, it doesn't remember the selection from last time.

Is there a way now (or maybe as a feature) for it to remember the files selected previously, almost like a memory bank. Then I would tell the program to exclude the files in "selection set # 1" when randomizing songs.

Basically, I am looking for a strategy to select different sets of random songs every time....



Any plans to add this feature?

Saved selection sets would be even more useful. For example, if I could save selection sets into named sets (eg Selection Set #1, Selection Set #2 etc) then I could do boolean operations on them:

Current selection - Selection set #1 + Selection Set #2 = copy this to the destination directory (on the handheld device)



Sorry, not at the moment.

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~ Florian