How do I put leading 0 into filename (1-9)


Dear Mp3tag friends,

I love Mp3tag!

I need to know how to put a leading "0" in the filename numbers. For example, to convert "Chapter 1.mp3" into "Chapter 01.mp3".

In my situation, I cannot use the Track Number as the source of the number for the filename.

Many thanks for your help!

Best regards,
Chris Lascelles


Does this work?

Action type: Replace with regular expression
Regular expression: (\s)(\d)(..*)
Replace matches with: $1$num($2,2)$3

[ ] case-sensitive comparison


Hey Sebastian,

It works perfectly! Thank you so much!!!

Best regards,
Chris Lascelles


A simple way to do that is Tag - Filename change the "%track%" to "$num(%track%,2)". Know you can change it in the same step as you create the file name. There also the autonumbering wizard that will do this.