How do I remove a carriage return from a field?


I have my comment fields formatted with multiple lines and it's a tremendous pain to deal with in other applications, so what I'd like to do is convert all the comment fields to a single line that is comma delimited. My multi-line setup is formatted like so:


Note that there is a space after every comma.

At first I figured that I could simply use a regex, but I can't seem to figure out how to get the regex interpreter to recognize a \n. More to the point, I'm not entirely sure if the return after the comma space is a \r or a \n.

Is there a way to actually do what I'm trying to do?


The RegEx module should understand \r and \n but it's also possible to use \d and \a
You can use (\r|\n) if you don't know exactly.


This should work:

And this too:

The bracketed charset should contain all the chars you would like to save.



Sweet! It worked perfectly. Thanks a lot guys :slight_smile: