How do I remove track numbers on my mp3 list and renumber them in the order I want?

I want to renumber my mp3 tracks so they play in the order that I want, and then export them ready to play. I am using my iMac. Chas.

You can hold down the ⌥ key and drag and drop the files in the order you want. After that, select all via ⌘A and re-number them using the auto-numbering wizard at ⌘K.

If you need the track number as part of the file name, you can Rename Files based on Tags.

Do you want to permanently change the track numbers, or just reorder your files for a playlist? If you don’t want to change existing track numbers that would affect your album, you can still rearrange them in mp3tag as mentioned by @Florian but instead of using the track numbering wizard, you can export the list in the order displayed as a playlist.

Thank you both for your replies. I do want to get rid of the track numbers as they are, then I will drag the files in the order I want and renumber them as Florian suggests. After that I need to know how to transfer them to a folder on my iMac and burn them to a cd. Chas.

The question would then be what the target program uses as sort criteria?
The filename?
The order of files on the CD?
From the metadata only the (new) track number?
The data in ALBUM and then the track number?

Guys, after buying this app, I thought that renumbering my mp3 tracks and exporting them to burn to disk would be a breeze. I have failed miserably. I loaded my mp3's Into MP3Tag, dragged the tracks in the order I wanted them and used the Wizard to renumber them. Great job I thought, but when I exported them I just got a file that opens with Numbers on my mac, it ends in csv whatever that is. Can someone educate me?

Exporting creates a text file with information about the files. This is not want you want.

Mp3tag directly operates on the files you're loading. There is no second copy that is edited and need to be exported from Mp3tag. I think one misunderstanding is, that you don't need to "Export" the files to be burned to disk. Just right click and choose "Show in Finder" — this is the files you want to burn.

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