How do I rename multiple folders from one folder?

MP3Tag messed up my folder heirarchy, I have a Music folder, with subfolders based on the artist and album tags, and I have an action to edit the _DIRECTORY variable based on the artist and album name.

The problem is, that when I select even 2 files with a different artist or album, it will just create a folder for the first one and put EVERYTHING in the current folder into that one, so I'm basically having to go through by hand and redo the whole heirarchy for 4000 songs...

Here's my action.

Action Name: Rename Folder

Action 1 Type: Format Value


Format String: $validate(E:\Media\Music\%artist%\%album%,_)

Action 2 Type: Format Value


Format String: %title%.%_extension% (I tried with validate here too, but it just completely stripped the title and made a file named .m4a)

You have to take an action for _FILENAME and not for _DIRECTORY. Or you can use the Converter "Tag -> Filename" with the same format string. In the Coverter you have a preview of the result of your format string.

Type:  Format Value
Format String: $validate(E:\Media\Music\%artist%\%album%\%title%,_)

As you don't rename the directory other files in the source-directory than the marked music-files will not be moved to the new location. It may be neccesary to delete the source directories later.

I don't even unsderstand what you just tried saying, but it's all good I used Foobar2000.

You could also have a look at the Frequently Asked Questions:

And to rephrase that what @poster has said:
If you want to move a file to an individual folder, then you have to rename each file individually - which is the property _FILENAME..
If you want to rename a folder and not every file individually, then rename _DIRECTORY.

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