How do I set my tags properly?

Hi everyone,

When I play some of my albums using Foobar2000, I noticed some albums appears to have question marks. Would this be related to the person that didn't do the tags correctly? If so, may someone please post the instructions on how to edit the tags, so those albums/song/title doesn't appear as question marks? Would I edit the tags myself? Or could this process be done automatic?

Thank you for any help,

Well, I dunno: how long have you waited? And what has happened to the tags?
And while you are waiting, perhaps you could read a little in the online help of MP3tag.
Or even some of the threads in this forum.
What have you attempted so far to modify tags or get the required information and enter it?
You do not tell us anything about the files that show question marks - can they have tags at all?
And in addition: this is the MP3tag forum, so what do these files show in Mp3tag? If they also show question marks in MP3tag, it could be that the "related person" entered them deliberately.