How do I set the Front cover as the default

Is there a way to have the front album cover as the default 1st image to write? I get back cover as the first one that shows up with I open the album in mp3tag.
Note: This is on the tag panel


AFAIK MP3tag shows the first embedded picture first, and then the next ones.
So it (currently) does not matter which type the picture has, but which position it has in the file.
There is (currently) no way to set the type of picture that the tag panel shows first.

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In addition to @ohrenkino's answer:
You can set the "Front cover" only as first visible picture if you previously delete* all embedded covers and then re-add it in the order you want to see it. (1st add the "Front Cover", 2n add the "Back Cover" and so on.)
* Please extract all the embedded covers before you delete them and rename it accordingly. Just to make sure that you don't lose any cover art.

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