How do I use Mp3tag to make sure everything is right before using CopyTrans?

Hi everyone,

I was recommended to use Mp3tag by uncle to adjust my tags for me to have them in sequence order, so I can use CopyTrans Manager to copy music from my hard drive to iPhone. He was tring to explain it too me, but I wasn't understanding. My music are albums are of sequence order. This would be individual albums that I'm working with, and not individual songs by artist. Are there any tutorials? I know for example, that #501 should show up after #500. it's showing up in the beginning of the list. Another example, if John Doe, and John whatever are in the same band, it has John Does in separated from the band with the rest of the members from the band. Could those problems be that my tags are not correct?

MP3tag has a great online help and a very useful forum as you found out already.
The correctness of tags depends a lot on what your player understands.
In general, if using an "i"-product it is a good idea to have the following tags filled:
If you want to get more out of your player, try to find its requirements and mp3tag will help you to meet them.

I'm sorry, but I'm totally confused on what you're saying. I don't want to end for the tags if anything. What do you mean by if I want to get the most of it, then mp3tag will help me?

I'm not really understanding


So, what is your question?

My question is how do I use mp3tag, so I can use Copy Trans Manager? I stated that in the open OP. I don't know how to use it. I have an iPhone 4.

Please, read your own question and think about if anybody can understand what you want!

what are these number standing for?
what list?

seperated where?
seperated by what?
please be exact if you are talking about filename or tags-fields!
please give the names of the tag fields!

please tell what Copy Trans Manager requires to be used? you can't assume everybody is familiar with this software. I am not. I have no idea what you want to change at you mp3 files!

please have a look here for general help with Mp3tag:

Those numbers were referring to track numbers.

Separated in iPhone by artists. My uncle said he had the same problem, but with various mixes. He said he fixed it with Mp3tag by doing a compilation. He posted the instructions for me. It didn't work. He never had the compilation problem with individual album artists by having all the albums/artists all over the place. Does that sound like a compilation, or a tag problem?

As for track numbers, it's a CopyTrans problem. There would be a way to fix it, but I don't know how. Would Mp3tag put everything back in order for me?

You have to either fill the tag COMPILATION with the value 1 - and take care that all album tags of the same album have the same spelling
you leave the COMPILATION Tag alone and fill the field ALBUMARTIST with a name of your choice like "Various Artists", "Sampler 80s" or whatever. Do not enter the artist's name if the track is part of a compilation/sampler because then you end up with one album-dsiplay for each artist.

Now, to fill a the tag field of numerous files with the same ALBUMARTIST proceed as follows:
Load all the files you want to edit into MP3tag so that they show up in MP3tag's file list.
Select the files you want to modify.
Press Alt-T to open the Extended Tags Dialogue.
In that dialogue, check, if in the list of tags (in the list on the left) there is an entry ALBUMARTIST and if there is, select this entry and press the Edit button.
If not, press the "New" button and enter ALBUMARTIST as tag name.
Now enter the data (=name) for the ALBUMARTIST.
Press OK to close the dialogue and also press OK to close the extended tags dialogue.
Transfer the files to your device and see if the behaviour is as you wanted it.

What did the original look like? Has copytrans really modified the stored track numbers or has the filename been modified? Please specify.
(BTW: why don't you use iTunes to synchronize you i-product)

Thank you for that.

I didn't use iTunes, because my Uncle said CopyTrans is better. He also that to make a compliation in iTunes would be done manual, and would be complex for me, so he pointed out the instructions to do it by right clicking. I tried it. He was right, it was difficult. He knew how to do it, but he didn't like the manual way, even though he knew what he was doing.

What would be better iTunes, or CopyTrans?

Thank you for the info.

I honestly don't know. I would say: the one that you can handle best is the best program.

Now then: which way do you want to go: add COMPILATION with the value 1 or do that in iTUnes?
Also: could you please answer the question about the number #500 and #501 and which program modified these where, the tag or the filename?

Yes, I can answer. Sorry!

Let's assume that are 500, or 501 songs in my list. In otherwords, there are 500, or 501 songs known are tracks. The tracks are suppose to be in order from 1-500, or 1-501, correct? I'm just picking the 500x tracks. The songs can have any amount of tracks. In this case, CopyTrans, is modifying it by putting it any sequence order. Yes, CopyTrans is fully aware of this issue, and they are work on it. I believe that they are fixing it in a newer version? Does anyone have any info on this as for when it will be fixed?

If copytrans does not do it the way you want it - why use it?
f you have an i-something to play the files: usually this device does not react to filenames but to the tags inside the files. So: does copytrans modify the tag TRACK? and if so: I would not use it anymore if it destroys my tagging.
Or could it be that you do not have filled any tags and afterwards the player plays it in an seemingls random order (as it does not have anything to sort on)?

That's a question for whoever makes that program (which I've never heard of either). It doesn't actually sound like that program is making your life any easier, so why not just use mp3tag or iTunes to edit your album tags? Either of them can label music as a compilation very quickly and easily.

ohrenkino describes a way to do it in mp3tag. (I'd add that it's probably even easier to just add the "Album Artist" tag to the Tag Panel. This way you can always see what it is, edit it there, and quickly see/confirm that all your selected files have the compilation name you want.)

Alternately, it's very quick and easy to do it in iTunes as well:

  1. Select any number of tracks or entire albums to include in your "compilation."
  2. Press [CTRL+I] to bring up the Multiple Item Information window.
  3. On the "Info" tab in that window, fill in Album Artist with the name you want applied to the whole compilation.
  4. On the "Options" tab in that same pop-up window, change the "Part of a compilation" option to Yes.
  5. Hit Okay to close that window and save your changes.

As for ordering 500 tracks in a single compilation, that can also be done in either program. If you want them in specific order, you have a couple options:

  1. Actually re-number all the tracks as if they were part of one big album. You'd lose their original track numbers with this approach. Use mp3tag for this.
  2. A more sophisticated approach, which also takes a little more time, keeps the original track numbers, but uses another tag to put the albums in your chosen order, which could be alphabetical, by year, or any other way you want. For this purpose, I'd probably use the ALBUMARTISTSORT tag. (Let me know if you're interested and I can describe how to do that. You could do it in either iTunes or mp3tag, but mp3tag would be faster.)

Just out of curiosity, php111, how are you using these huge compilations? Off the top of my head, 500 tracks is typically going to be nearly 40 albums....or over 25 hours of music! :w00t:

Do you really want that much music as a single compilation...with a single name? If so, that's cool. But I'm wondering if iTunes' Playlists wouldn't accomplish what you want without having to do all this re-tagging and re-ordering. Playlists are very flexible and they can be loaded into your iPhone (or any other iDevices).

Lol. I'll try it to see without re-tagging. No, it's not 1-500, as in order. In CopyTrans, I drag in all of my albums, and there's like over 1,300 songs after I dragged in the albums. It only showed the songs in CopyTrans.

I'll use iTunes for now on.

Thank you,

I'm also going to try Mp3tag.