How do you add a custom name to "Comment" section as the defalut?

Hi everyone :slight_smile:

Using version 2.83

In the "Comment:" section, how do I add a default custom name to show up every time mp3tag starts.

I want it defaulted to: for example "MUSIC from Joe" in the Comment: section.

I don't want to add extra fields. I'd like to try to keep it simple. Is it possible?

Thanks for taking the time to read my questions. Hope to hear from you guys soon. :slight_smile:

See the help on how to set default values:

If you want to simply see a value, you can set that in the column definition:
Enter "Music from Joe" in "Value"
Yet, this does not save anything, it just displays.

Thank you ohrenkino. That answered my question :slight_smile:

Hello again,

I've been trying to recreate my settings for mp3tag because I haven't used it in awhile. One of the settings I want to customize is in the comment section. I want to default "MUSIC from Joe". I'd like it to automatically tag and replace anything in the "COMMENT"section with "MUSIC from Joe" automatically.

I tried looking for but the link is dead.

I'm assuming that there have a few updates since last I used it.

Thanks for taking the time in advance :slight_smile:

The feature to set default values has been removed in one of the previous versions.
You would have to apply a dedicated action to write these values.
see e.g. here:

Hi ohrenkino, :slight_smile:

I read the link you sent. That's too bad that this setting is removed :frowning:
I really liked it.
Do you think you can show me an example on how to create a dedicated action for "MUSIC from Joe"
I don't want to have to enter it all the time or one at a time. I'd like to be able to add it automatically. Can you please show me the workaround?
Thanks for your time ohrenkino :smiley:

You would have to execute this action each time you want to set the value - it will not work automatically.

Create an action of the type "Format value" for COMMENT
Format string: MUSIC from Joe

here is the HowTo that describes how to create an action:

Starting from Mp3tag v2.90c, you can now specify a default value per field on the Tag Panel via "Options > Tag Panel".