How do you add action groups to Mp3tag?

I haven't used Mp3tag for a while, but I used to have several action groups that I used all the time.
I am setting up to use it again, but have lost the action groups that I had.
I have them printed out, so I would like to add them.
I would like to add them, but I cannot figure out how that works.
I have tried ALT-6, Shift-ALT-6, looked at all the menu items.
What am I missing?!! It has been a while.
I used to use it, but can't seem to get it now.
Could someone enlighten me on how to add them?
Give me some tips, or point me to FAQ or something I can read up on.
Appreciate it and thanks ... :slight_smile:


Well ...
Yesterday, that was all greyed out and I couldn't press anything and Alt-5 didn't work.
Today is does.
Must going to be a good day!
Thansks for the link.

You have to select at least one (audio) file in the list to create or edit actions.

Got it and thanks for the help!