How Do You Auto Tag Multi-CD Albums?

I understand that it is possible to auto tag each cd of a multi-cd album using MP3TAG.

I have never used MP3TAG. So, can someone direct me to documentation on how to do this or give me the steps? [Remember, I'm an MP3TAG newbie!]

I tried searching the FAQs and forums for the info. I also tried the help files. No luck...

Thanks for the help.

There is no real auto tagging in Mp3Tag. But you can use the web source scripts to search various online databases and get the information into tag fields. But you have to search and confirm for every single album.

Script Installation & Usage:

  1. choose a script for a appropiate database in the forum: /c/web-sources-scripts

  2. download the files & extract them if necessary

  3. move the files into this folder: %appdata%\Mp3tag\data\sources

    (just copy&paste this into windows explorer adress bar)

  4. run the script from Mp3Tag with this button: