How do you center text for NFO?

I want to be able to center the text of the album artist, title, and year like I have below. I don't know how to do it besides manually adding spaces. %artist% - %album% (%year%) what else do I do? I'd also like to know how to add bold text and images if possible.

               Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady (1979)                
Codec........: MPEG-4 AAC
Encoder......: qaac 2.72, CoreAudioToolbox, AAC-LC Encoder, TVBR q82, Quality 96
Bitrate......: 165 kbps 
Channels.....: 44100 khz / 2
Tags.........: MP4	
Size.........: 91.13 MB

01. Orgasm Addict                                               02:03
02. What Do I Get?                                              02:56
03. I Don't Mind                                                02:20
04. Love You More                                               01:51
05. Ever Fallen In Love?                                        02:42
06. Promises                                                    02:37
07. Everybody's Happy Nowadays                                  03:14
08. Harmony In My Head                                          03:09
09. You Say You Don't Love Me (Bonus track)                     02:55
10. Are Everything (Bonus track)                                03:59
11. Strange Thing (Bonus track)                                 04:10
12. Running Free (Bonus track)                                  03:15
13. What Ever Happened To?                                      02:15
14. Oh Shit!                                                    01:38
15. Autonomy                                                    03:46
16. Noise Annoys                                                02:53
17. Just Lust                                                   03:02
18. Lipstick                                                    02:40
19. Why Can't I Touch It?                                       06:38
20. Something's Gone Wrong Again                                04:36
21. Raison D'etre (Bonus track)                                 03:35
22. Why She's The Girl From The Chainstore (Bonus track)        02:27
23. Airwaves Dream (Bonus track)                                03:55
24. What Do You Know (Bonus track)                              03:15

Total........:                                               01:15:51

Maybe you can find a hint in this topic:

$repeat( ,$div($sub(80,$len('%artist% - %album% (%year%)')),2))%artist% - %album% (%year%)
assuming a line width of 80 characters ... which I think is the basic problem: "centering" a text is a relative thing.
If I see your example correctly, then the text "Buzzcocks - Singles Going Steady (1979)" is not really centered as the text in the line starting with "Encoder .." is much longer than the decorative lines with the equal characters - which line should be the master of line length?

An export is a plain text file - which could be enriched with special text coding.
So, if you know how to get the display program to interpret special text bits as instruction to show something in bold type, then add this special text.
The same applies more or less to pictures: you have to find out how the display program deals with pictures.
If it stays at plain text, I do not see much chance. (This would be just like getting the Windows editor to show font formatting and embedded pcitures - which it does not).

I wanted the text in the middle of the decorative lines, but that's fine, I changed it. I realized the lines are off too, 15 to the right and 16 to the left. Regardless, thank you guys for showing me how to do it.

It would be great if you could let us see how you have solved it. :innocent: :wink: