How do you clear current outputto/say buffer?

Is there a way to clear whatever you currently have in the say buffer? I'm looping through a series of XML tags and I only want the value from the last one. Here is what I have so far:

Cover URL

outputto "coverurl"
findinline ""
findinline ""
sayuntil ""
findinline ""
while ""

Only problem with this is that it keeps appending to coverurl when I'd rather it overwrite instead. I tried killtag "coverurl" inside the url but DO NOT try that, it locks mp3tag completely and you have to kill it from the Task Manager.

I'm sure I'm missing something obvoiusly, any help?

No, there currently is no way of resetting an output buffer.

Bummer. In that case anyone have any good ideas on how to get just the last element in an unknown number of xml elements? I have this structure:

I only want the last

The next build will address this issue.

It's great to hear this, thanks!

The current Development Build now has a new command

set "output name" "value"