How Do You Copy Tags From FLAC Album To DSF Album?

I have a large number of SACDs that I extracted the CD layer from as FLAC and all the metadata is perfect.

I've now extracted these SACDs as DSF files.

Is there a good way to take all the metadata from the FLAC version of the albums and use it on the DSF version of the albums? (I only know how to do a copy-and-paste, slow method.)

Are you copy/pasting the entire album? As long as you have all of the tracks in the correct order you can do this pretty quickly.

Yes, I am. That was how I was planning on doing it - copying and pasting - if I couldn't figure out a better way. It will work.

Just to make that clear:
Load all the files from the source album,
sort them in a way so that this order corresponds to the order of the target files.
Select the source files.
Use "Copy tag" to copy all tag data from all the selected files into the clipboard.
Load the target files
Sort them so that the order corresponds to the order of the source files.
Select the files
Use "Paste tags" to copy the tag data to the respective target file (first target file gets tags from frist source file, second target from second source and so on).

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I didn't know you could do the operation as simply as that. It worked perfectly. Cheers!

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