How do you do convert from one tag to another?


I generally came into doubt that my methods for handling MP3s and using Mp3Tag in general are the most optimal. Therefore I want to know what others think about how I convert from one tag to another as one example:

Converting from ID3v1/2 to APEv2

This is actually the thing I use Mp3Tag the most for. My approach is to utilize the Tag->Mpeg settings.

Read: [x] ID3v1; [x] ID3v2; [x] APE
Write: [ ] ID3v1; [ ] ID3v2; [x] APEv2
Remove: [x] ID3v1; [x] ID3v2; [ ] APE

This way I have to load the MP3s (via shell extension), press CTRL-S and then CTRL-R and I'm done.

While this is the fastest method I have found from a usability point of view, I somehow doubt it's the only way to do this, is it?


You could also press CTRL+X and CTRL+V, but I have the feeling that it will take a bit longer.


Ah, true. I haven't thought of that, because I don't use CTRL-X/C/V in Mp3Tag at all (heck, I didn't even knew how it worked until you told me in another thread!).

I don't think it's slower. The only diiference is that all metadata is stored in memory for a short time, which makes me feel a bit uncomfortable. If Mp3Tag crashes during writing of one track, the metadata for the rest of the tracks is gone.