How do you locate then remove double quote marks from tags?

Here's an example:
Mozart's The Hunt was imported from several sources with Title tag set to

"The Hunt"


The Hunt

I'd like to use the same exact name...

First problem: how do you set up a filter to locate tags with the double quote " mark in it (there are more than 250,000 files to scan/filter).

Replace is easy. Filter for tags that match the criteria is what I am having difficulty with.

I'm using this regex filter:
%title% MATCHES "[!-#]"

But I'd like something more specific.

Thank you!

I would either use an action of the type "Replace" and replace the quote marks with nothing.
Or select all files with that title and type it in in the tag panel and then save the modification.

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The following works:

%album% MATCHES \"

But not this:

%album% MATCHES "\""

I think you forgot to put your expression in "accent grave" or mark it as preformatted test, so that the blackslash does not appear in the forum sight?
%album% MATCHES \"

Expressions that work are mentioned by dano in the link I quoted above.

The backslash should appear in both examples; I've fixed it. Thank you.