How do you rename title with increments

Hello there,
How do I do a batch rename of filename and title to the word "Tracks" and then a number (going up an increment of 1).

I want to change the filenames of my tracks to Track 1, Track 2 and so forth.
I also want to have the same name for the titles.

So for example, the Filename would be "Track 1" and the title would also be named "Track 1". The next filename would be "Track 2" and the title for the track would be "Track 2"

I have tried looking for the answer, but I cannot make head or tail of scripting so, please bear this in mind.
Be as specific and as lay as you possibly can. I am a total newbie here. I need to know what goes in which brackets and where :unsure:

Thank you so much in advance.

What brackets? If this is a feature of your MP3tg version (8.1! - the current version I know is 2.58) then I cannot help you.

Version 2.58 features the "Track numbering wizard" - see menu Tools for that.
This function stores sequential numbers in the field TRACK.

Then open menu Converter > Tag - Tag
Select as field TITLE
Enter as format string:
Track %track%

This will enter the string "Track 1" or "Track 01" in TITLE. The string depends on the options you have selected in the numbering wizard.

Now open Converter > Tag-Filename
Enter as format string:

One personal note: naming one's files just "TRACK xy" is not the best way to create distinguishable entries. If you know which album or audiobook you have then use that title instead of the word "track".

I wouldn't worry too much about that. I'm converting my mom's old tapes (from the 80's) to mp3, so I have no idea what the songs are lol.

Thank you so much for your help.