How do you sort your files?


Mp3tag is not only a good tagging tool, it's also a good programm to sort the music in a simple way. Therefore it has many functions and tags you can use.
But how do you sort your music files?
Here is my sorting option:
Folder where music is$validate($if($or($eql(%album artist%,Various Artists),$eql(%album artist%,Various)),V\Various Artists,$if($eql($left(%artist%,4),The ),$if($isdigit($mid(%artist%,5,1)),#,$mid(%artist%,5,1)),$if($isdigit($left(%artist%,1)),#,$left(%artist%,1)))$if($eql($left(%artist%,4),The ),$mid(%artist%,5,$div($len(%artist%),4)1)',' The,%artist%))$if($neql(%album%,),$if($eql($left(%album%,4),The ),$mid(%album%,5,$div($len(%album%),4)1)',' The,%album%),Kein Album)$if($and($neql(%discnumber%,),$neql(%discnumber%,1/1)), (Disc $left(%discnumber%,1)),)$if($or($eql(%cd-type%,Single),$eql(%cd-type%,EP)), (%cd-type%),) '['$if($not(%year%),XXXX,%year%)']'$num(%track%,2) - $if($or($eql(%album artist%,Various Artists),$eql(%album artist%,Various)),%artist% - ,)%title%[ '['%origartist% Cover']'],-)

For this syntax i use two additional fields:
%album artist% is a field that is like band, but I use this field for saying the album artist, so that I can type something other in the %band%-field. When the album artist is "various" or "various artists", the tracks get sorted in the folder V\Various Artists and the file itself gets the artist-name.
%cd-type% explains, which type of cd the mentioned album is. I use explanations like "bootleg", "Best Of", "Compilation", "Single", "EP", "Demo" or "Promo Sampler". When the cd is a single or ep, the album shows me that.

#\36 Crazyfists\A Snow Capped Romance [2004]\02 - The Heart And The Shape.mp3
V\Various Artists\Scorpion King O.S.T., The [2002]\07 - Hoobastank - Losing My Grip.mp3
C\Children Of Bodom\Are You Dead Yet- [2005]\02 - Rebel Yell [Billy Idol Cover].mp3
D\Die Ärzte\Geräusch - (Disc 1) [2003]\01 - Als ich den Punk erfand.mp3
T\Doors, The\Best Of The Doors, The (Disc 1) [1985]\01 - Break On Through.mp3
M\Metallica\Some Kind Of Monster (EP) [2004]\01 - Some Kind Of Monster.mp3

The "The" in the album and artist names get placed to the end and when it's a double cd, the syntax "(Disc X) is added. The year in the squared brackets helps me to differ bootlegs that have no special names. And when the song is a cover, it is shown by the filename itself. It first seems to be very difficult but it really helps to sort the files.

But what's your syntax for sorting files. I'm very interested in knowing that.


Why is it that you have The Doors as "Doors, The" but "Die Ärtzte" not? "Der", "Die" and "Das" should be treated the same way as "The" :stuck_out_tongue:

I have mine sorted like:

Full Albums

Music\Artist - Album\2DigitTrackNumber - Title.mp3

Various Artists

Music\Various Artists - Title\2DigitTrackNumber - Artist - Title.mp3

Single Songs

Music\Artist - Title.mp3

I have more single songs than full albums, but this doesn't bother me. I use the Winamp Media Library if I want to find a specific song.