How do you Tag Bonus tracks not found in online databases?

I have lots of Import albums, with bonus tracks, many the album is found in a database online, but not with the bonus tracks. The problem with this is that Google music, organizes them into 2 separate albums, instead of a single album as it should be. (and i'm wanting to prevent that, as well as clean up the issus my collection currently has)

So is it possible to get the info for an album either online, or already in the tags. then apply all that data that is the same (Album, Discs, Year, Genre, etc) To the extra tracks, that are not found online? The idea being that it'll either keep the tags for the Title, and the track number, or add them as needed.

In my use of the program, all i've found is when you find an album tags online, it doesn't have a place for the bonus tracks, so you can't tag them in that window.

So maybe there would be an action or scripting way to do it?

No, but as you have to select the files manually anyway, it should not be too difficult to use the tag-panel to copy exactly those fields to the untagged files.

I very seldom have the problem that I cannot find a websource to automatically fill in the track-informations for an album including often several different realeases with different bonus tracks.
I would say on 1000 albums to tag there may be 1 that I cannot find.
I alternatively use freedb, Itunes, Amazon, MusicBrainz, Discogs,
And I never had the case that bonus-tracks that really are on a special release of the original physical CD don't appear as a result.

Only the opposite happens often. As I prefer to pattern the original physical CDs I often am confronted with results that renumber a 2 CD-set as if it were 1 CD. This probably caused by the websources because they sell these medi for download and don't care about physical albums. But this is easy to correct.

I originally tagged my music with musicbrainz. And I have maybe 130 or more albums with bonus tracks it didn't have in is database.. So because the tags don't match. Google music puts them in seperate albums. It's dumb. I haven't tried them all with mp3tag, but a few I have tried didn't find releases with the extra tracks. Thus led to my post and asking is there was a way to easily copy all the tags from the rest of the album to the bonus tracks. (all but the title and track number) as that should keep them in the and album in Google music. I'm just looking for an easier way then to manually edit them online one at a time is all.

You can copy the entire tag from one media file to the other media file via Mp3tag Clipboard.
Media file A: Copy [Ctrl+C] ==> Media file B: Paste [Ctrl+V]


Though that would Bev breathe be done manually for each one and not a scripted automatic way. That does sound just like what I need. So I'll try it out. Thank you.