How i can add an ID Number for Albums? automatically

Hello to everybody, can you help? my question is: how i can add an ID number for albums automatically for multiples album, like show in attachment image.

i've search before here, and found this thread Unique Album Category ID

that is similar to i want to do, but i can not understand how to do it.
it is possible to do that, and i would like to choose the number where is starting the count for ID Album,
example. the count start, from number 100 for first album, 101 for next, 103 ...etc..
so when i make another renumber for id album i wil able to choose the count starting from number 104 >> 105 . etc..

i hope that you undestand me. my english is not good. :S

Thank you for read this thread.

The general problem is that MP3tag does not know what an album is.
Mp3tag knows only the data of the current file and does not remember if the previous file had a different string in a particular field.

So you have to generate the unique id with a exportlike you found in the thread you linked.
Copy the export text to a new export
(see e.g. the help
Afterwards you have to import the data from the generated export file.

Hello new user MADMAX300 ... one have to understand, that Mp3tag in its listview user interface does work on physical existing files, ... and therefore it can do auto numbering of files, but not auto numbering of folders or album sets.

Well, it is not impossible at all, when the user is willing to learn the MTE export scripting language.
While creating a textual export out file, one can code the numbering of folders or album sets, for each related file.
When the export output text has been created, for example in the format CSV, then such calculated values can be imported back into tag-fields for each file.
You have to try out for yourself how the entire process will work.

There is a thread, which may help to understand, how your wish could be realized.


Thanks you for your help my friends, ohrenkino and DetlevD, now i know, i must to do it manually. it's not hard to do it manually, but i would like make it auto.
Thank you !!