How i can found words in tags and remove them automaticaly?


i use since very long time this great mp3tag

i need please your help about an function i hope its work.

i DL many sounds but unfortunatly they put like in my case in 1200 files "Album version" just after the titles of those sounds. or "remaster" or "LP version" or "Explicit"

i want to search those words in the Tags of mp3 and flac files i have and delete them automaticaly without doing manualy those 1200 files.

can you please tell me if your software can do that ? or if you have another solution ?

wish you all the best ! :slight_smile:

Filter for the words that you do not want, one after the other, e.g.
%title% HAS Album version
Select the files.
Then create an action (perhaps a quick one, I don't know how often you need to do this bulk cleanup) of the type "Replace" for TITLE
Search string: Album version
Replace string:
(leave empty)
Click OK.
Please take care of space characters in front or behind the search words - it may be that you want to remove them also.

Do something comparable with the other words that you want to remove.


The thing is those names are in the end of the title of a sound.

Like for exemple: artist : Nirvana title: smell like teen spirit Album version or Explicit.

Is in inside the tag file in the title field. And in the filname.mp3 or .flac

They are more of 1200 mp3 and flac sound like that it will be crazy time to do them all manualy

So my initial suggestion is still valid:
Action of the type "Replace" for TITLE
Search string: _Album version
(where the _ is the leading space. When you type in the search string, use the space character, I only had to use the underscore here in the forum as the editor usually swallows the space character and you would not see it properly)
Replace string:
(leave empty)
Once you have cleaned up the tags, use Converter >Tag-Filename and rewrite the filename, probably with %title%