How ID filename w/o extension?

For inserting image tag, all I read is using expressions like %album% and %artist%, but not just the filename without extension (apparently _FILENAME is the whole thing, e.g. joe - songA.mp3).

Q1) What do I use to declare the filename without extension?

Q2) Regarding those other expressions, like %album%

  Are they case-independent?
  How is a field like Album Artist handled?  Is it %album artist% or %'album artist'% (single quote to delineate a string with blanks) or something else?
  1. Use %_filename%.

  2. No, variable names are not case sensitive. Mp3tag is a little inconsistent in its internal usage and in the documentation, but you shouldn't have to worry about it.

  3. Album Artist is ALBUMARTIST in Mp3tag. See the field name mappings help page from the documentation. There are no internally recognized field names that contain spaces. I suppose you can create them as user defined fields, but I've never done so and couldn't say how you need to represent them in Mp3tag.

Thank you! That worked. I did not know about the tags page and first jumped into a forum discussion with my issue where the links provided took me to pages that had no description or link to the page you advised, along with others that I now have found. So I mistakenly thought there was no such documentation.